May. 18th, 2010

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I'm always late on trends- to this day, it still makes me sad that I never had a HyperColor shirt- but it usually takes me a while I decide if I like them enough to participate.

I have decided that I like Steampunk.

I've been doing some research and while it tends to be Victorian in stylings, it can also be Industrial Revolution or Edwardian. It doesn't have to involve goggles or the color brown, nor is it dystopic; in fact, the usual (and predominant) attitude associated with this subgenre of Science- Fiction is optimism! The usual sources are Jules Verne, Mary Shelley and Mark Twain, but I think I could draw from L.M. Montgomery and Philip Pullman.

[insert SQUEEE]

I believe in patterns and being led down certain paths for certain reasons. I've been trying to get into wire wrapping and I've loved Science-Fiction from the word go, so it's so nice to find something else that enables me to dress up and play with jewelry.

(I tend to find jewelry associated with LARPs- as they're usually mediaeval- unforgivably gauche, which is why I don't make a whole lot of LARP-esque jewelry. I could do it right, but no one would pay for it...)

So, long ramble short(er), I'm looking for a name for the Goddess Tasia Steampunk line. So far, I've heard:
1. Clockwork
2. Insane Genius
3. Aouda's Arrays
4. Filigreed Fog
5. Vernal Jewels

I'm thinking of offering a prize to whomever gives me the name I choose. Opinions? Options?


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