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I got my Arwen doll yesterday from Amazon. She's... pointy! Now before you start laughing and remind me that she's an Elf and she's supposed to be pointy, I'm going to tell you that she's not supposed to be this kind of pointy. Her face is pointy. Her nose is pointy. Her boobs are pointy. In fact, the only non-pointy thing about her are her feet. Apparently Elves have huge flat flapping feet.

(While it's true that Bruce and I have been called, several times by different people, Tolkien Elves, neither one of us have flat flapping feet. His are average sized for a man of his height- he's 6'1"- and mine are proportionate to mine- I'm 5'9".)

I'm rather hoping that the Legolas doll isn't quite so pointy.
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So yesterday, I called my mommy and we ordered things for my wedding.

1. Ken as Legolas and Barbie as Arwen dolls: to be used as the center piece. Ken will have to get a hair cut and maybe a kilt. I'll have to think about it. Barbie needs a red dress.

2. All the jewelry for the bridesmaids.

3. I think Bruce likes the toasting goblets. He's a little leery of the price.

4. This song will play when my wedding party walks down the aisle:

5. Amber will play this song on her violin when I come walking down the aisle.

I haven't decided on the recessional.
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My toasting goblets, I think. I have to show them to Bruce first.
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I have it on good authority that I am made of awesome. I'm going to take that and run for I have taken care of my dress.

This is the back detail of my dress. That was the clincher on that pattern (Simplicity 4143).

I settled on the color for the bridesmaid's dresses. It's the color of iolite, or water sapphire. It looks amazing next to the garnet red of my silk.


I'm also making the jewelry for the wedding party. I'm using iolite and silver.

I got garnet silk charmeuse for the dress, a lining of dyed-to-match china silk, matching thread and an invisible zipper for around $179. I'm pretty sure the shoes I wore for Jessica's wedding will match but I'll have to check. And the best part... they won't clash with the kilts of the groomsmen.


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