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As I get my romance evenly spaced throughout the year (and I hate diamonds... EAT IT, DE BEERS!), I don't need to get all googly-eyed on a martyr's day that sprung up around Lupercalia. However, as I am an American girl, I do like to do something, if only for myself.

Last year, I drew myself a pendent on Shrink Art plastic using Stephen Reid's painting The Wooing of Etain as a guide.

As you can see, I made Etain a brunette and I lengthened Midir's helmet to cover up his long hair as Bruce has a long standing rant against fantasy art and men with long hair. He doesn't understand why ALL the men have long hair when several notable civilizations had short-haired men. *coughcough ROME coughcough* I also tweaked Midir's nose. I tried to give him Bruce's Celtic nose but it ended up far more pointed than I would have liked.

This year, as I compare my beloved's profile to Vercingetorix (as drawn by Colleen McCullough), I may have to make myself a Gallic warrior pendent. We'll see.

I know that I finally have an idea for a an eye-clean trillion cut pink tourmaline a friend of mine bought me from his trip to India. I think it's hard enough on the Mohs scale to fire with my torch along with my silver Art Clay... I'll keep you posted.
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