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I got to see my parents this weekend! Mom decided that it had been too long since she'd seen Bruce and I (it had been since our October wedding) so her Mother's Day present was to drive out with Dad to spend the weekend with us. It was lovely.
On Saturday, we had went for a walk around downtown Parkville, had lunch at a local Italian place, ate Chinese and watched Zombieland. I didn't really pay attention to the movie because Woody Harrelson makes me feel squicky but it surprised me that Dad wanted to see it.
Sunday, Mom and Dad came over after going to Mass. I took them down my normal walking route around English Landing Park and we went home to eat fruit while Bruce cooked dinner. He made fresh pasta with white wine poached red snapper with garlic and onion infused cream sauce tossed with raw tomatoes for Mom and I while he and Dad had flat-iron seared steaks with baked potatoes. I have a seriously amazing husband.

After dinner, we watched the pilot episode of Firefly. I've only been trying to get Dad to watch it for three years now...

They left this morning, just in time for Bruce's birthday. Since he reads this on occasion, I don't want to post what I got him; suffice to say, it's coming from Europe so I don't know when it will get here. I will say that I'm really excited about it and I can't wait for him to get it. We went and saw Iron Man 2 on Friday as kind of a pre-birthday thing but we were rather disappointed in it so I think what I have planned for tonight will have to make up for it. Note to self: make sure you have cake pans for carrot cake...

My Dad and I at English Landing Park. You'd never know that I spent 20 minutes on my hair with a round brush that morning... stupid wind...

This pretty much sums up my Mom.

Mom, with her tongue in her mouth, and I.

This also sums up my Mom. You can kind of see Dad behind her.


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